A trip to an amusement park is an essential part of every summer, with its hair-raising rides and sugar-packed treats. Luckily for visitors and residents, Prince George’s has one of the best. At Six Flags America, you can fly across the sky on the BATWING coaster, cool off at Buccaneer Beach, and test your bravery on Maryland’s only floorless roller coaster. Plus, if you want to extend your amusement park fun, you can easily turn the event into a weekend.


Pack in tons of excitement with this Six Flags itinerary:


  • Get your tickets. Buy your passes for Six Flags America ahead of time so you’ll be ready to go as soon as you get to park. This will ensure you get to spend as much time as possible enjoying the rides, games, and food.



  • Find a meal outside the park. Stop by Blessed Hands Cuisine for African and American food. At the Bowie restaurant, you’ll find bowls of chinchin - a popular Nigerian snack, grilled pompano, fried plantains, and more.


  • Add to your thrills. Book a session at Central Avenue Paintball in Bowie, where you can participate in traditional paintball, low-impact paintball, and GellyBall. There’s an impact level for nearly every type of participant and a friendly environment for players.


  • Order a pizza. After long days of adventure, you might not want a big meal at a restaurant. Get a pizza delivered from BurnBox in Kettering, and you’ll get to enjoy freshly baked pies with fresh ingredients and unique topping combinations.


  • Jump it out. End your weekend of excitement with even more laughter at Sky Zone in Bowie. There, you’ll be able to bounce on trampolines, play SkySlam, climb the SkyLadder, and attempt the WarpWall. There’s even a zone for the smallest of your crew.


If you don’t have a whole weekend available, plan a day trip to Prince George’s.