2024 International Junior Tennis Chamionship

5200 Campus Drive
College Park, MD 20740
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  • Details

    Entry deadline:

    Tue 30th July 2024 by 14:00GMT

    Withdrawal deadline:

    Tue 6th August 2024 by 14:00GMT

    Single Main Draw Sign-in date/time:

    By 18:00 local time on 18/Aug/2024

    Singles Qualifying sign-in date/time:

    By 18:00 local time on 16/Aug/2024

    First day of Singles Qualifying:

    17 August 2024

    First day of Singles Main Draw:

    19 August 2024

    Tournament Director name:

    Asaf Yamin

    Tournament Director email:


    Official ball:

    Wilson US Open Extra Duty (Type 2)