5 The Hard Way 2023: 14th Annual Traditional West African Dance Marathon

3309 Bunker Hill Road
Mount Rainier, MD 20712
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    We are a collaboration of 5 young dancers whose mission it is to maintain and perpetuate traditional African culture and to create a supportive, noncompetitive, positive, and nurturing environment for the expression of that culture. With the assistance and unyielding support of our brothers, we are able to connect with our community in a way that allows us to share our passion.

    5 The Hard Way is the first of its kind. 5 instructors, 6 Classes, 5 different traditional West African rhythms, 5 minutes apart and one final collaborative class to bring it all together. Where you may fall short in stamina, you will be lifted by the amazing energy of family and community healing, celebration and cultural exchange.

    Each of our Fab Five have worked as professional performers and lecturers in the art of traditional West African Dance. They have all worked under and with world renowned choreographers and musicians. They have traveled and performed nationally and internationally from villages to internationally known establishments and institutions. They have each taken the up the responsibility of sustaining and perpetuating culture.