Belly Dance with Jasmina Rae

3309 Bunker Hill Road
Mount Rainier, MD 20712
(301) 699-1819
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    Wednesdays IN-Person
    Don’t believe the misconception that belly dance is performed simply for the titillation of men, or that it is performed by "loose women." On the contrary, belly dance is a beautiful, ancient art form that gave women a voice in a time when they were repressed and segregated. They danced together to express themselves through the powerful, healing movements of belly dance, and this tradition continues today.

    In this class taught by Jasmina Rae, you will learn gentle belly dance movements that will help you open a portal for self-expression, re-connect to your inner goddess (divine) self, strengthen arms and core, improve posture, flexibility and balance. Come dance with Jasmina Rae and have fun discovering your divine self while moving to traditional, Afro and contemporary music.