Harvest of Heritage: A Juneteenth Farm-to-Table Dinner Celebration

11311 Drumsleugh Lane
Upper Marlboro, MD 20774
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    Embark on a Culinary and Artistic Odyssey with Wellspring Manor & Spa: Juneteenth Farm-to-Table Dinner and Art Exhibition


    Step into a world where each flavor and brushstroke tells a story of resilience, community, and tradition. Wellspring Manor & Spa, in collaboration with the culinary visionaries at H3irloom Food Group, warmly invites you to "Harvest of Heritage: A Juneteenth Farm-to-Table Dinner Celebration," an immersive experience that pays homage to the rich culinary and artistic expressions of the African Diaspora.


    Prior to the feast, indulge your senses in a pre-dinner art exhibit from 5-6 pm, showcasing the vibrant works of Black artists from across the globe. This visual prelude sets the stage for a night where artistry extends from canvas to kitchen.


    The evening continues with a 4-course dining journey with wine pairings curated by H3irloom Food Group, and guides guests through an exploration of flavors deeply rooted in African American culture. With every dish served, discover the threads that weave together history and modern gastronomy.


    In the serene elegance of Wellspring Manor & Spa, join us in honoring the history and continuing the legacy of Juneteenth. Come, partake in an event where community is celebrated, culture is the centerpiece, and the joys of African American culinary and artistic traditions are in the spotlight.


    Secure your spot in this exclusive celebration of freedom, food, and art. Delight in the tapestry of tastes and talents that define a people and their journey.