The Freedom Festival

3309 Bunker Hill Road
Mount Rainier, MD 20712
(301) 699-1819
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    The Freedom Festival is an interactive arts festival that invites attendees to play, dance, write, paint, sing, discuss, and reflect on aspects of freedom. The festival provides a safe space for personal and community healing through creative expression and liberation practices. Each practice correlates with a different characteristic of freedom and encourages engagement and interaction with exercises that stimulate the mind and spirit.

    Activities include Freedom painting, Trust maze, Intuition meditation, Release bonfire, and much more! The stations are designed to nurture, inspire, and enjoy! Create your own journey through the Freedom Festival to explore at your own leisure and comfort. The Freedom Festival will also include a DJ, live entertainment from local artists, vendors, and food from local businesses in the community. The evening will conclude with a finale dance performance and community closing ceremony.