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3901 48th Street
Bladensburg, MD 20710
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    Bostwick is one of only four pre-Revolutionary War structures still standing in Bladensburg, Maryland. Built in 1746 Bostwick is a 2-1/2-story, Georgian brick house, with a flared gable roof and bracketed cornice, a high buttress at the south gable end, and a kitchen wing to the north. It was built for Christopher Lowndes who was a leading citizen and local merchant in Bladensburg. His trading company imported spices, building materials, dry goods, and slaves. He also owned a shipyard where ocean-going vessels were constructed as well as a ropewalk that manufactured the cordage necessary for shipping lines. It was later the home of Lowndes’ son-in-law, Benjamin Stoddert, first Secretary of the Navy. Bostwick stands high on a terraced lawn, and is a prominent landmark in the town.