With communities packed full of visionary professionals and hobbyists, Prince George’s County is the perfect spot to explore your own creativity. Jazz up your date nights, girls’ nights, and friend hangs with an activity at one of the many art-centered spots in Prince George’s County.


Book an evening ticket or a daytime course at one of these nine spots for a boost to your cultural experiences:


  1. The Brentwood Arts Exchange is the anchor of the Gateway Arts District. Stop by for art classes, photography courses, art showcases, artist talks, and open studio time.


  1. Right next to Bowie High School, the Bowie Center for the Performing Arts hosts concerts by local dancers, fashion and beauty shows, showcases by theater groups, and performances of original screenplays.


  1. No one says you can’t enjoy the arts while you also enjoy a drink. Listen to talented and joyful pianists at Bobby McKey’s Dueling Piano Bar during a night out, a Sunday brunch, or an all-ages kids’ show.


  1. The University of Maryland hosts shows focused on the arts and culture of African Americans and those in the African Diaspora at the David C. Driskell Center. Check out the calendar for exhibitions from engaging artists.


  1. Catch a live show, take a theater course, or audition for an upcoming performance at the Greenbelt Arts Center, where a community theater company hosts space and time for local performances.


  1. Joe’s Movement Emporium is a performing arts space for everyone — young or old, all ability or disability levels. Sign up your kid for an after-school dance program, take a yoga or belly dancing class, or apply for an internship program.


  1. Set in the middle of historic Laurel, the Laurel Mill Playhouse is home to a vibrant and creative group of performers. Check out a show by this crew that has been performing for over 50 years in this 100-year-old theater.


  1. If music is more your speed, head to the Harmony Hall Arts Center for a show. You can enjoy afternoon tea sessions with New Orleans jazz bands or tribute concerts to legendary artists like Marvin Gaye.


  1. For visitors 55 and older, Art Works Now hosts free programming to ramp up creativity in all its forms. Join a class on telling stories through fashion, improving watercolor techniques, and exploring creativity through clay.


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