Prince George's County is located in Maryland, directly east of Washington, DC.



Welcome to Prince George’s County, Maryland – a scenic getaway drawing residents and visitors year round to explore the vast National Harbor, magnificent vineyards, select attractions and notable dining scenes. Located in the heart of the DC Capital Region, this destination is ideal for fulfilling the ultimate trip you’ve been seeking, or creating the perfect mix of fun and adventure in our unique destination.

Prince George’s is open to all and we look forward to having you come experience our tourism and hospitality. There is access to venues and establishments that feature inside and outside facilities where guests can be seated in a safe and comfortable capacity.

To help you navigate and organize your activities, please view our various resources of things to do as you Experience our culture, Expand your horizons and Explore our attractions! 

We hope to see you soon.

Leslie W. Graves,
President & CEO

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