Experience Prince George’s Member Portal – The Extranet

Experience Prince George’s extranet — your gateway to manage, update, upload, connect, communicate, and contribute. This member platform is designed to engage and communicate with community partners, promoting business to residents and potential visitors. Our success hinges on the efforts and contributions of our valued members. 


Accessing the Experience Prince George’s Member Portal

  • Username: Your registered email address.
  • Login: Click the link above and enter your password. If your password is unknown, select 'reset password'.


Navigating the Experience Prince George’s Member Portal

Our comprehensive training videos will familiarize you with the Experience Prince George’s Member Portal system, functionality, and applications.


Experience Prince George’s Member Portal/Extranet Training Videos:

Collateral COE

Collateral Listings

Collateral Media

Collateral Occupancy

Collateral Special Offers

Materials Request

Opportunities Media Leads

Opportunities RFPs

Opportunities Service Requests

Profile Accounts

Profile Benefits

Profile Contacts

Profile Invoices


For any questions or assistance, please email membership@experiencepgc.com.