Political & Social History

Civil War

Several historic sites represent the Civil War period in Prince George’s County including two forts, Fort Foote and Fort Washington, both used in the defense of the Nation’s Capital, as well as the Mary Surratt House, to which John Wilkes Booth escaped after his assassination of President Lincoln at Ford’s Theater in Washington, D.C.

Political History

Because of Prince George’s County’s close association with the Nation’s Capital, it has been much involved with political movements and events. Several historic sites represent this political history, including residences of prominent statesmen and politicians such as Riversdale, Mattaponi in Croom, St. James Hill in Piscataway, Marietta, and Oxon Hill Manor.

Social History

The theme of social history is represented in its many facets in Prince George’s County historic sites. The late-eighteenth and early-nineteenth century practice of dueling is represented in the Bladensburg Dueling Grounds. The sport of the hunt is represented in the Marlboro Hunt Club.

Special activities, programs, and events are held at our Historic sites throughout the year.