Art is everywhere, not just inside the walls of a museum or an art school classroom. This is especially true in Prince George’s, where you can experience stunning artistry as you go about your daily life. Muralists have painted and created massive monuments to the beauty, history, and people of the region — and you can take them in as you eat, play, and work. Spend the day in Prince George’s, and you’ll spend the day surrounded by the work of innovative, creative artists.

Tour these nine murals across Prince George’s to lean into its artistic side:

  1. Get inspired by the colorful “The Sky’s The Limit” mural outside the Pyramid Atlantic Art Center in Hyattsville. Muralist John Ortiz, who has a studio at the center, painted the “soothing” mural. The space was created to energize and elevate local artists — and the mural is meant to bring the same inspiration.
  2. Learn about history in Prince George’s through the mural at William Hall Academy in Capitol Heights. Ryan Allen, an artist from Upper Marlboro, balanced the past with the present through his depictions of a home that was once a stop on the Underground Railroad – a group of colorful butterflies, and students playing together.
  3. In an ode to environmental conservation, the mural at the intersection of Baltimore Avenue and Knox Road in College Park features native flora and fauna in the region. Local artists Cory Stowers and Jason Philp painted a Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly, Maryland’s official and now-vulnerable insect, and a terrapin species.
  4. At the south end of the Rhode Island Avenue Trolley Trail in Hyattsville, a mural from artists Isak Shah and Darren Soto honors the Black Lives Matter movement. The artwork is near the Franklins underpass in The Spot, a new community gathering space, and it features historical images from the civil rights movement of the 1960s.
  5. Get a side of art along with your brew at Franklin’s Restaurant, Brewery & General Store in Hyattsville. The 40-foot mural by Liz LaManche on the side of the building is bright and full of colorful characters. It’s also lit at night by color-changing LED lights so that you can take in the art any time of day.
  6. In North Brentwood, a building now known as Baby Dee’s Guest Club is home to the “Play That Song, Mr. Ellington” mural featuring Duke Ellington by Chanel Compton. The space was first constructed in 1912 as a grocery store, and it eventually became a now-closed social club.
  7. You’ll have to look down to catch the terrazzo mural by Steven Weitzman at the end of American Way in National Harbor. The art spans 1,600 square feet and portrays the region's history, including images of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.
  8. Get face-to-face with the large mural painted by Kilmany-Jo Liversage, a South African artist. The vibrant portrait of a young woman beautifies a 15-foot wall facing the College Park Shopping Center.
  9. Grab a coffee and a view of a striking mural at Vigilante Coffee in Hyattsville. Artist Max Mueller drew upon inspiration from the coffee farms where these roasted beans originate for this global-inspired, colorful artwork.

Experience more artistic endeavors at one of these spaces in Prince George’s, Maryland.