Korean cuisine is famous for their expertly sliced and cooked meats, delicious broths, and delectable dumplings. The Korean restaurants in Prince George’s tackle these tasks with skill and passion, sharing the delicious meals with anyone who stops by for a bite. If you’re lucky enough to grab a plate, you’ll be treated to unique flavors and satisfying dishes.


Visit one of these nine Korean restaurants for a taste of this cuisine:


  1. Start your order at Gah Rham in Greenbelt with pan-fried or steam dumplings then continue the meal with classic Bulgogi, Jaeyook Gui, and Chadolbagyi Gui — or add a Chinese dish to the mix.


  1. To get a great deal on these delicious barbequed meats, head to Iron Pig Korean BBQ in Berwyn Heights from Monday through Thursday for lunch. The all-you-can-eat meal for $27.99 includes all the favorites, from thick-cut pork belly to thin-sliced brisket.


  1. In College Park, Kangnam BBQ Sports Bar & Grill serves classic Korean BBQ dishes in a casual setting. The popular spot often fills up quickly.


  1. The menu at Myoung Dong Restaurant in Beltsville includes hot noodles, seafood soups, cold noodles, dumplings, rice cakes, fried chicken, and many more Korean comfort dishes. Order for takeaway from the website or eat at the casual restaurant.


  1. The Laurel location of KPOT Korean BBQ & Hot Pot offers multiple bases for its hot pots, from Japanese miso to Korean seafood tofu. Pick a base and then choose from the many meats, dumplings, seafood, or tofu options.


  1. SeoulSpice in College Park invites visitors to come and “Feed Your Seoul” at the restaurant. The menu is packed with Korean-centered comfort food, and most begin with a rice, noodle, or salad foundation. The mix-and-match offers are sure to please any palette.


  1. Beltville’s Da Rae Won boasts favorites like spicy seafood soup, black bean noodles, and fried chicken. Ask the friendly staff for batches of handmade noodles — which you can sometimes hear being made in the kitchen.


  1. The Hyattsville location of Bonchon — a chain of restaurants serving Korean fried chicken, tacos, pork buns, bibimbap, and more — is the perfect fit for a family. Their large and customizable Family Meals include chicken, rice, and sides.


  1. Bring children under 39” to Kogi Underground in Laurel and they’ll eat for free. Even without that deal, that spot is a great restaurant to indulge in beef brisket, marinated chicken, pork belly, and other Korean BBQ delicacies.


Once you’ve enjoyed a meal of Korean food, makes plans for an African lunch or dinner.