Prince George’s is home to cuisine from around the globe, and the African restaurants in the region showcase strong flavors, authentic ingredients, and comforting combinations. Whether you’re looking for food that makes you feel at home or meals that stretch you to a new experience, the restaurants in the region deliver.


Try one of these eight African restaurants in Prince George’s:


  1. The menu at De’Ranch Restaurant in Landover covers cuisine from across Africa, the Caribbean, and America. Order cassava leaf with fish, vegetable soup and mixed meat, and Moi Moi, an African snack made from blended black-eyed peas and spices.


  1. Popular West African dishes are the staples at Cape Coast Cuisine in Beltsville. The restaurant, where good food and great people rest at the core of its service, offers bean stew, choofi, fried plantains, gari fortou, and more.


  1. The chef at Joyful Heart African Cuisine set out to push the boundaries of authentic African cuisine. The menu covers eba, amala, meat pies, goat, and more.


  1. Naija Café is a favorite local spot for West African food. With Asun, a spicy roasted peppered goat dish, as a specialty, the restaurant is focused on providing meals that feel like home cooking.


  1. Brentwood’s Spice Kitchen is determined to uplift and celebrate the beauty of Black people through West African street food. The community-building restaurant serves staples from an easy-to-understand menu that allows for customization.


  1. In Greenbelt, Jodeem African Cuisine cooks up curry goat, ogbolo and oha soup, suya, which is a skewered meat dish.


  1. The most requested dishes at Swahili Village in Beltsville are made from high-quality meats and locally sourced vegetables. Visit the restaurant to indulge in their Swahili basket, which includes samosa, bhajia, and sausage. Or order the Samaki Fillet, a deep-fried tilapia fillet in rich coconut curry.


  1. Tempoo Restaurant and Lounge in Lanham boasts a menu filled with classic West African dishes, from stewed chicken to jollof rice to braised oxtail.


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