Not every meal comes from a spot with four walls and a dining room. Sometimes, you find the best meal of your life from a kitchen that moves. Food trucks are now bringing gourmet dishes to you wherever you’re living life, from local festivals to farmers markets to weekday business lots.


Track down one of these five food trucks that frequent Prince George’s:


  1. Offering boxes of crab cakes, hush puppies, and catfish, the Garlic Sensation food truck makes the rounds in the region and offers delivery. Add pasta salad, green beans, and mac & cheese to boost your meal.


  1. Kotei Kids Shaved Ice serves refreshing, vegan sweet treats to anyone who finds their truck. They post a weekly schedule on Instagram, so it's easy to grab one of these frozen desserts.


  1. Catch the Crab Boss for a “pull-up” event to get the restaurant’s Florida- and Cajun-style crab cakes, seafood combos, and sides on the go. Check out the website and food truck menu ahead of time.


  1. Enjoy French fries deep-fried to crispy perfection, Southern-fried chicken, smash burgers, and D’s special sauce when you find the Big D’s Wings food truck. Figure out where the truck lands each day by checking its social media.


  1. Taqueria Los Primos might be a food truck, but it has a standing location in College Park. Skip the line by ordering the tacos, flautas, burritos, sope, quesadillas, and nachos online ahead of your arrival.


Enjoy dessert when you’re done at one of these Prince George’s spots.