Skateboarders might not get a friendly welcome wherever they go, but they’ll certainly get one in Prince George’s. There are tons of spots where boarders can practice the sport, attempt new tricks, and connect with other skaters. These parks have something for all levels and abilities, and the concrete facilities are packed with street and vert elements.

Visit one — or all — of these seven skateparks in the region:

  1. The blend of plaza and transition in the Walker Mill Skate Park makes for an excellent park. The blended elements of the park and its winding nature have come together to create a perfect space for skateboarders of all levels.
  2. The rolling concrete facility at the Sunnyside Skate Park in College Park provides skateboarders with plenty of space to explore the bowls, ledges, and banks. It’s open to those on skateboards, scooters, bicycles, and skates.
  3. The Mount Rainier Skate Park is small but mighty. It’s popular with kids after school gets out, and it’s an excellent spot to learn to skate. With plenty of handrails and ledges, you can get plenty of practice with your grinds and slides.
  4. In Hyattsville’s Gateway Arts District, the Melrose Skate Park offers skateboarders ramps, rails, pipes, and gaps. There are also murals, flowers, and trees around the space, along with the walking trail that leads to the Northwest Branch Trail.
  5. In the Cosca Regional Park in Clinton, skaters ride through Cosca Skate Park. You can roll through the elbow quarter-pipe, sets of low handrails, and a smooth snake run set among the trees of the park.
  6. Stay up late at the Bowie Skate Park, where a park ranger will turn on the lights for you at night. The 10,000-square-foot facility is available for skateboarding and inline skating, though scooters and bicycles are not allowed. It’s designed for skaters of all skill levels and abilities. Experience the rolled banks, kinked rails, and unique snake runs.
  7. Spread across 7,000 square feet, the Greenbelt Skate Park includes a variety of street and vert elements, including a 10.5-foot-deep bowl. Register ahead of time at the Greenbelt Youth Center during the week to get a helmet sticker before using the park.

Plan a family-friendly, sport-centered weekend in Prince George’s for more excitement.