Prince George’s has always been a place where the arts have thrived. For decades, artists have been welcomed to share their visual arts, music, sculptures, theater performances, and cultural arts. This legacy is long-standing, and it’s continuing through modern-day artistic spaces like the Bowie Center for the Performing Arts.

This space is a vibrant cultural center offering a variety of arts programming. It provides arts education to the community and hosts naturally recognized touring acts to allow anyone to truly enjoy the arts.

This community space is home to dancers, actors, artists, musicians, comedians, and anyone who loves the arts. It serves the diverse and eclectic Prince George’s community, and other communities across the region, by promoting the arts at Bowie High School, bringing performances to its stages, and producing local art shows.

There are events and performances in the space every week, and you can purchase tickets ahead of time to enjoy the shows. Additionally, the Bowie Center offers summer camp programming on subjects like Broadway performances, puppetry, and art. There are also opportunities to rent the space for events and fundraisers.